It's not every day you discover snakes and lizards in a shopping centre. It happens in Kennet Shopping. Other visitors you might know; Postman Pat, Bob the Builder and Fireman Sam plus Easter egg hunts, Father Christmas and you'll never believe this, David Beckham rolled up one day. Ok, it wasn't the real David Beckham but you would have never noticed.



11am-3pm: Join us for this fantastic educational event about the Humboldt Penguins - perfect for kids. Learn about  these incredible birds from animal experts here to answer your questions.
A fun animal-themed event for all ages!











Christmas Extravaganza Weekend!
December 8/9

SATURDAY ONLY 10am-11am: A parade with Father
Christmas! Live music, street performers, and famous film cars through Newbury town centre.

SAT/SUN 11am-4.30pm: Meet Father Christmas at The Kennet Centre. Children under 10 receive a FREE GIFT, There's FREE face painting, stilt walkers, street performers, balloon artists, acrobatic elves and a magical Snow Queen in a moving,
interactive globe!